This glorious nib section is designed for Cross Apogee fountain pens, constructed from premium quality materials including a gloss black grip section accompanied by polished gold plated trims. The nib itself is crafted from durable stainless steel, finished with polished gold plating and detailed with intricate engraving. The nib is designed to offer a supreme writing experience suitable for all handwriting styles.

  • Produced from premium quality materials
  • Features a gloss black grip section with polished gold plated trims
  • Fitted with a stainless steel gold plated nib
  • Designed for Cross Apogee fountain pens
  • Choice of nib sizes available, choose using the drop-down menu


Brand Cross
Model 800 Mechanical Pencil
Trim Gold

Cross Apogee Nib Section - Stainless Steel Gold Plated


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A premium quality nib section designed for Cross Apogee fountain pens. Produced with a gloss black grip section, gold plated trims and fitted with a gold plated stainless steel nib.

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Nib ChoicesNib Choices

Choice of nib sizes

Everybody has their own unique writing style, however most pens are sold with only the most popular nibs fitted. Here at The Online Pen Company we wanted to change that, so now we offer every available nib size on each pen.

We simply remove the nib thats already on the pen, and refit with the exact same nib but in your preferred size.

The process is nice and simple

  • 1. Choose your pen
  • 2. Use the drop down menu on the product page to select your nib size, if anything has a number of days delivery next to it, thats because it might take us a little while longer to get that specific nib.
  • 3. Add the product to the basket, and continue shopping.

If you want the standard nib on your pen, but want a spare in a different size then we also sell nibs on their own. Please see our replacement fountain pen nibs page

Gift WrapGift Wrap

Gift Wrapping

For those that don't have the time, can't do it or simply want the luxury touch, we offer a professional gift wrapping service here at The Online Pen Company.

Our gift wrapping consists of beautiful two-sided wrapping paper with a burgundy exterior and a golden interior. Each item is then wrapped individually, and then tied with a golden bow. The wrapping is then finished with a personalised handwritten message card, which is attached to the corner of your item.

The process to have your item gift wrapped is nice and simple

  • 1. Choose your pen
  • 2. Use the drop down menu on the product page to add gift wrapping to your item, and then use the next menu that appears to add a personalised message.
  • 3. Add the product to the basket, and continue shopping.

For more information, please see our gift wrap page

Gift wrap example

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