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Pilot Pintor Paint Marker

Pick & Mix your favourites
Single Item
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Outer Pack of 6
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Ink/Lead Colour - Actual Tip Size Single Items Packs of 6
Black Fine
Red Fine
Blue Fine
Green Fine
Light Green Fine
Brown Fine
Yellow Fine
Orange Fine
Pink Fine
Violet Fine
Light Blue Fine
White Fine
Pastel Yellow Fine
Pastel Orange Fine
Pastel Green Fine
Pastel Blue Fine
Pastel Violet Fine
Pastel Pink Fine
Gold Fine
Silver Fine
Metallic Pink Fine
Metallic Green Fine
Metallic Blue Fine
Metallic Violet Fine
Black Medium
Red Medium
Blue Medium
Green Medium
Light Green Medium
Brown Medium
Yellow Medium
Orange Medium
Pink Medium
Violet Medium
Light Blue Medium
White Medium
Pastel Yellow Medium
Pastel Orange Medium
Pastel Green Medium
Pastel Blue Medium
Pastel Violet Medium
Pastel Pink Medium
Gold Medium
Silver Medium
Metallic Pink Medium
Metallic Green Medium
Metallic Blue Medium
Metallic Violet Medium
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