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Connecting people in a fragmented world

Want to be part of something special?

We are attempting to create the worlds largest collaborative story with the help of people like you! If you are an aspiring writer, an author or just think this will be fun then we want to hear from you.

Register your interest with us below, and be first to know when the story starts on 4th March 2021 (World Book Day)

How it works

  • To get involved at this stage simply let us know above.
  • On the 4th March 2021 the story begins, and we will provide the first page.
  • You can claim the next page for yourself. Once claimed you have 24 hours to submit your page.
  • After being approved, your page is live, and somebody else can claim the next one to keep the story going.

Once the story has reached a natural conclusion, we will get it published, and sold with all profits going directly to charity.

Rules & Guidelines

To ensure the story continues to be successful it important that all submissions follow a set of guidelines to ensure the integrity and consistency is kept intact.

  • No explicitly sexual responses, hate speech, or other harmful content.
  • All submissions are to be written using the English language.
  • Any submissions that are deemed to be low quality or to sabotage the integrity of the ongoing story will be removed and the position will be reallocated to another user.
  • Be flexible. Sacrifice some of your vision for the work in order to accommodate the overall story. And have reasonable expectations that your other collaborators will do the same.
  • The People's Story is only for people aged 16 or over.

However the most important rule we have is.. have fun!

Rules & Guidelines

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