Bring a Touch of Paris to Your Writing with the New Range from Waterman

02nd May 2024

Waterman have released a new romantic collection with the Reflections of Paris range.

This new collection of fine writing pens has been inspired by the spirit and romance of Paris at night. The River Seine has been a massive influence on the design and finish of this collection of fountain pens, ballpoint and rollerball pens, with the flow of water echoed in the wavy, intricate pattern that’s found on each pen. This collection includes 7 pens, with a model available in the Hemisphere, Expert, Exception and Carene designs. Let’s take a look at each one and see which Reflection of Paris is best for you.

Reflections of Paris Exception

The Waterman Reflections of Paris Exception has been designed with a beautiful black and gold aesthetic. An intense black lacquer barrel gives this pen a stylish look, which is complimented beautifully with gold coated trims that emulate the romance of the Parisian night sky over the golden glow of the city’s streetlights and night life. The flow of the River Seine is captured in the wave pattern, found on the palladium coated cap. Chiselled and bold, you’ll instinctively see the gently rippling reflections when you hold this pen. Available as a fountain pen.

Reflections of Paris Exception.

Reflections of Paris Hemisphere

The Reflections of Paris Hemisphere model boasts an elegantly slim design. This more slimline design means the Hemisphere is more lightweight, providing a more comfortable hold when writing during long periods, whilst still looking stylish. The Reflections of Paris Hemisphere Fountain Pen has a looped ‘W’ Waterman design engraved onto the gold coated stainless steel nib. The final touch that declares the level of luxury in this fine writing tool.

Reflections of Paris Hemisphere.

Reflections of Paris Expert

The Waterman Reflections of Paris Expert boasts the same stunning black lacquer with palladium barrel and gold trims. What makes the Expert different is the assertive tapered silhouette. The black lacquer is continued throughout the body of the pen for a sleek and stylish finish. On the Waterman fountain pen, the distinctive looped ‘W’ Waterman logo is engraved onto the gold coated stainless steel nib.

Reflections of Paris Expert.

Reflections of Paris Carene

The Reflections of Paris Carene collection includes one of the most unique pens in the range. The fountain pen includes an 18k gold inset nib. A hexagonal design makes the nib of the Carene fountain pen distinguished and is sure to be a conversation starter. The silhouette of the Reflections of Paris Carene is truly iconic, inspired by the design of luxury boats often seeing sailing along the River Seine.

Reflections of Paris Carene.

The Reflections of Paris by Waterman collection is available to purchase from our store today. View the Reflections of Paris collection.