Make Writing Your Ritual. Introducing the New Parker IM Rituals Collection

20th May 2024

With society’s reliance on technology, we predominately write only with electronic means. But for those of us who find solace and creativity in writing pen to paper, it can be a relaxing way to spend our time.

In light of this, Parker have released a new collection – the Parker IM Rituals collection. With this new range of Parker pens, you can make writing your ritual. Designed with the timeless silhouette the IM is known for, this new mindful collection is available in a stunning turquoise green or stylish grey. Each pen is finished in a calming gradient and with a stainless steel nib with chrome or gold finishings. The new Parker IM is your perfect companion for wellness moments. From journaling, note taking or simply letting your creativity run – pen to paper style.

Everything about the Rituals Parker IM has been designed with the writer’s wellness in mind. Each pen has been created with the ideal weight, aesthetics and in-hand feel and whether you choose a fountain pen, rollerball, or ballpoint, you’ll enjoy a smooth ink delivery. The colours for the Rituals Parker IM collection have been inspired by colour theory, with each colour selection for its calming, inspiring or uplifting nature.

The Parker IM fountain pen gives an elevated fine writing experience. Each fountain pen in the Parker IM collection has been crafted to be modern and uses Parker Quink ink cartridges. Enjoy versatility of the Parker IM fountain pen by converting it ink bottle filling for an added level of sophistication to your wellness or everyday writing.

The Parker IM rollerball pen is the ideal way to leave a lasting impression when jotting down your thoughts. The rollerball tip, which Parker are renowned for, provides an effortlessly smooth and consistent stream of ink onto paper each and every time you write. Choose the perfect colour of Parker rollerball refill to express your unique style and personality.

If you’re looking for a refines approach to your writing, then the Parker IM Ballpoint Pen is the best pen for you. The Ballpoint Pen has been designed with a click-action mechanism to deploy the tip and Quinkflow ink refills ensure reliable, smooth and consistent lines on the paper.

Each pen in the Parker IM Rituals collection comes in a stylish gift box, making it the perfect gift for pen enthusiasts or collectors of the Parker’s iconic range.

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