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Faber-Castell Triangular Colour Pencil - Pack of 12 + 3 Skintones

Faber-Castell's 12-pack Triangular Colour Pencil + 3 Skintones set offers ergonomic design and diverse hues.

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The Faber-Castell Triangular Colour Pencil - Pack of 12 + 3 Skintones is a versatile and vibrant artistic tool designed for both beginners and professionals alike. This set combines the precision of 12 classic colored pencils with the addition of 3 specialized skintone shades, perfect for realistic portrait and figure drawing.

    Crafted by the renowned Faber-Castell brand, these pencils feature a unique triangular shape, offering ergonomic comfort during extended creative sessions. The rich, smooth, and blendable colors allow for unlimited artistic possibilities, whether you're illustrating, coloring, or sketching. With exceptional durability and color intensity, this set empowers artists to bring their ideas to life with precision and flair, making it an essential addition to any art collection.

More Information

Brand Faber-Castell
Sub Brand/Model Triangular
Type Pencil (Colouring)
Ink/Lead Colour - Actual Assorted