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Kaweco 060 Nib - Solid 14K Gold Bi-Colour

What is it made from?

The nib assembly is the black part of the nib, which is produced from high-grade plastic. It has a built-in channel to allow the ink to flow from pen to paper. This is also the section of the nib that the ink cartridge slots into. The nib feed (the metal part of the nib) is produced from solid 14K gold with a bi-coloured finish. It is available in a variety of nib sizes, allowing you to adapt your fountain pen to a writing style that suits you best.

How do you change the nib on the pens?

The Kaweco 060 nib is easily changed. The first thing you need to do is remove the ink cartridge or converter from your pen. You then hold the metal section of the nib that is currently fitted to your pen and unscrew it from the grip section. (This is the part of the pen your finger tips hold when writing). Once you have removed your current nib, you simply screw the new nib into the grip section. You can then insert an ink cartridge or converter back into your pen.

Which pens will this nib fit?

  • Liliput
  • AL Sport
  • AC Sport
  • AL Special
  • Brass Sport
  • Student
  • Allrounder
  • Art Sport
  • Luxe Sport
  • Dia
  • Elegance

More Information

Brand Kaweco
Sub Brand/Model 060
Type Fountain Pen Nib
Nib Finish Solid 14K Gold Bi-Colour

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