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Lamy Z57 Imporium Nib - 14K Bi-Colour

An exquisite 14K gold nib with a bi-colour platinum plated finish, produced for the Lamy Imporium Fountain Pens.



This exquisite nib is designed tp rejuvenate the life of the Lamy Imporium fountain pen collection. It features a timeless design, which has become a signature style for Lamy pens.

What is it made from?

This nib is manufactured from solid 14K gold with a two-tone palladium plated finish. It features a gold stripe along the 'tines' (the area with a line down the centre, which the ink flows down).

How do you change the nib on a Lamy Imporium fountain pen?

One of the easiest ways to change a Lamy nib is to use clear tape (the kind you might use for gift wrapping), and place a strip of it vertically on the top side of the nib so that a small tail of tape hangs from the tip end. You can then pull on the tail, which should allow the nib to slide off the fittings. Once removed, you should remove the tape from the nib. You can then slide a new nib onto the fittings by hand. It's important to take your time when performing a nib change as Lamy nibs are quite small and may be easily lost. We recommend keeping the nibs in a small box or packet to keep them safe.

More Information

Brand Lamy
Sub Brand/Model Z57
Type Fountain Pen Nib
Nib Finish Solid 14K Gold Bi-Colour