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Lamy Z57 Imporium Nib - 14K Black & Gold

A modern fountain pen nib fashioned from 14K gold with a black PVD coated finish, designed for the Lamy Imporium range.



This contemporary nib is manufactured for the Lamy Imporium fountain pen collection, featuring a combination of black and gold with a trademark design consistent with Lamy's signature style.

What is it made from?

This nib is rendered from solid 14K gold with a galvanised black PVD plated finish. It features a gold strip along the 'tines', which is the ink-flow area facing the tip of the nib. It has been branded with the Lamy logo and features a hallmark and abbreviation for the relevant nib size that you choose.

How do you change a nib on a Lamy Imporium fountain pen?

The easiest way to perform a nib change on a Lamy fountain pen is to use clear tape (the kind you might use for gift wrapping). You simply place a small strip of tape along the top-side of the nib so that a small tail hangs off the pointed end. You can then pull on the tail, which should slide the nib off the fittings. You can then replace the nib with a new one by hand by carefully sliding it onto the fittings. We recommend taking your time when performing a nib change, as Lamy nibs are quite small and may be easily misplaced. It's a good idea to store them in a small box or packet so that they are kept safe.

More Information

Brand Lamy
Sub Brand/Model Z57
Type Fountain Pen Nib
Nib Finish Solid 14K Gold Bi-Colour