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Paint Marker Ideas & Inspiration

The best thing about paint markers is that the possible uses are limitless, however its good to have some ideas on where to start. If you are looking for some inspiration to how to use your new paint markers, some of our favourites are below:

Oskunk Posca Art

Making the everyday, less everyday

This blog post from POSCA, highlighting the work of Oskunk, shows how you can take everyday objects from around the home, that you look at all the time, and turn them into amazing works of art, and totally unique.

Surfboard posca paint marking

Surfboard painting

Here we have a guide from the Surfing Life magazine about how to paint your surfboard using paint markers. Surfing is all about showing creativity, and unique style on a wave, so why not show that creativity when you’re back on shore too!

Plate painted with paint markers

Plate decorating

Plates are obviously a thing to eat from, but they can also be decorative too! For many years now plates have been used as kitchen and wall decorative objects, and using paint markers on plain plates can bring a unique, modern twist to your interior design. Here's a post showing some tips on how to do it.

Here is just three use case, but the list can go on and on. Let us know what you’ve used your paint markers for, we love seeing your designs.