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How to add embossing to your item

To add embossing to your journal or notebook it's really easy, just follow these simple steps

Embossing step one

Choose your item

When browsing the site, any products that can be embossed will say so, there is also a filter on the left hand side to narrow your results down to only products that can be embossed. Alternatively, you shop directly from our personalised journals page.

Embossing step two

Add the embossing

On the product page, next to the add to cart button is a drop down menu titled ‘Would you like your item embossed?’ Choose yes on this menu.

Embossing step three

Select your embossing type and length

Choose from blind, silver or gold embossing, and also choose from initials, one line or two lines of embossing.

Embossing step four

Enter your text

Choose any message you want as long as its within the character limit and click 'add to cart'. Please note we will emboss exactly what's in this box so be extra careful what you type!

That's all there is to it. Once you have checked out and the order has come through to us, your item will be sent through to our experts in the embossing department for it to be personalized exactly how you've asked for. If we have any queries along the way we will always get in touch before starting. We work hard to get the orders done to the same order cut off times as a regular order.

PLEASE NOTE: We will emboss exactly what is typed into the box provided, so please ensure you use capital letters exactly as you would like them. We can emboss letters and most punctuation marks, but not symbols such as: " !>+@£/ ".