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Sharpie: The Celebrities’ Favourite

Right from the start in 1964, when the first Sharpie permanent marker hit the market, they’ve been loved by celebrities, athletes and customers alike. NBC talk-show hosts Johnny Carr and Jack Parson were among the first celeb endorsers, and the brand continued to grow in popularity through the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

But it was in the 1990s when the Sharpie really went stratospheric. The memorabilia industry became huge, and the Sharpie was the pen of choice for signing autographs and clothing. As it was able to write on any surface, it was the only marker an autograph hunter needed!

Sharpie seized its moment and released numerous sponsorship deals and ad campaigns featuring famous faces. It sponsored PGA golfers Arnold Palmer, David Toms, Chad Campbell and Gary Player. Then, in 2002, NFL player Terrell Owens sealed Sharpie’s fate as a household name by developing a signature move in which he pulled a Sharpie out of his sock and signed the football after a touchdown. The crowd went wild, as they say, and so did Sharpie’s sales.

The brand capitalised on all this popularity by launching new colours, styles and formulations, only becoming more popular. Remember a certain Sharpie ad featuring David Beckham, where he signed autographs and then tried to keep the Sharpies? Apparently, even President George W Bush preferred Sharpies over much more expensive pens – special Sharpies were made for him, embossed with his signature and ‘The White House’.

With several memorable ads, creative campaigns and collaborations now under its belt, Sharpie is a staple in the pencil cases of celebrities and customers alike across the world.