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STABILO EASYcolors Colouring Pencil - RH - Wallet of 12 - Assorted Colours

STABILO EASYcolors Colouring Pencil is designed for right-handed users, offering a wallet of 12 assorted colors and a convenient sharpener.

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The STABILO EASYcolors Colouring Pencil is a fantastic choice for young, right-handed artists. This wallet set includes 12 assorted vibrant colors, allowing children to explore their creativity with a wide range of options. The ergonomic design of the pencils is specifically tailored for right-handed users, ensuring a comfortable and natural grip. The triangular shape helps in developing proper writing posture and prevents hand fatigue during extended coloring sessions. Additionally, the set includes a sharpener, providing convenience for keeping the pencils sharp and ready for use. The STABILO EASYcolors Colouring Pencil set offers a delightful combination of functionality, comfort, and artistic expression for aspiring young artists.

More Information

Sub Brand/Model EASYcolor
Type Pencil (Colouring)
Ink/Lead Colour - Actual Assorted