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STABILO Pen 68 ARTY Fibre Tip Pen - Wallet of 30 - Assorted Colours

Unleash your creativity with STABILO Pen 68 ARTY Felt Tip Pens - a vibrant 30-color assortment.

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Introducing the STABILO Pen 68 ARTY Felt Tip Pen, a must-have for artists and creative enthusiasts alike! This wallet of 30 pens brings a burst of vibrant color to your artwork. With its high-quality felt tip, the Pen 68 ARTY ensures smooth, precise lines and incredible color intensity. Whether you're sketching, doodling, or adding bold strokes to your masterpiece, these pens deliver exceptional results. The assorted colors offer endless possibilities, allowing you to create stunning gradients and captivating designs. Each pen is long-lasting and features a robust build, ensuring they withstand heavy use. Unleash your creativity with the STABILO Pen 68 ARTY Felt Tip Pen!

More Information

Sub Brand/Model Pen 68
Type Fibre Tip Pen
Tip Type Fibre Tip
Tip Size 1.0mm
Ink/Lead Colour - Actual Assorted