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Staedtler Noris Anniversary Pencil Set

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Happy Birthday Noris! Staedtler are offering a handy set consisting of three timeless yellow and black Noris pencils, an eraser, and a sharpener, to celebrate 120 amazing years of Staedtler Noris. Staedtler are popular amongst classrooms for their iconic and diverse range of stationery.

These high-quality utensils are perfect to put into your little one's pencil cases as they start their educational journey. From writing scripts to sketching art, the addition of a sharpener and eraser means any wrong turns can be erased and redone with a simple sharpening of the pencil. We welcome you to celebrate these forever treasures with us.

More Information

Brand Staedtler
Sub Brand/Model Noris Club
Type Pencil (Everyday)
Lead Grade Assorted

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