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Staedtler’s Sanity-Saving Innovations

With its history of clever thinking and solution-based design, Staedtler have introduced some of the world’s most innovative writing and drawing products.


65 years old and counting, Staedtler call this the ‘perfect all-rounder’. Able to write on pretty much any surface, the Lumocolor universal markers guarantee outstanding long-lasting writing and marking performance. The ink dries in seconds – reducing smudges for everyone, but making them particularly suitable for left-handed users – and the pens are available in a variety of bold colours and top widths.


For more absent-minded artists, the DrySafe technology Staedtler has created is a real game changer. Leave the cap off their felt tip pens, marker pens or highlighters that carry the DrySafe logo and they’ll still be in perfect working order even after a few days. That means less wastage and fewer replacements – good for your pocket and the environment.


Staedtler’s A.B.S (Anti-Break System) is a revelation when it comes to pencil leads. No more endless sharpening, breakage with too much pressure or damage from pencil cases. Strengthened graphite and a thin layer of protective coating around the lead make Staedtler’s pencils über strong and reliable.