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Staedtler: Championing Sustainability

Staedtler places environmental impact at the very heart of their products, with its ‘efficient for ecology’ philosophy. The brand’s design and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and ambitious in their sustainable scope – for example, by using raw materials as sparingly as possible, and actively reducing the amount of waste and CO2 produced by manufacturing.

But the company also acknowledges that it’s long-lasting, efficient and clever products that make a more eco-friendly offering overall – less breakage or drying out means customers can use their pens and pencils for longer before needing to replace them. That’s why it focuses on anti-break graphite in its pencils; DrySafe anti-drying ink technology in its fibre-tipped pens; and break-resistant mechanical pencil leads that are made without PVC or softening agents.

All Staedtler products are made with care and made to last, so when you buy one, you can feel good about enjoying using an efficient, high-performance writing or drawing tool while also minimising your impact on the environment.