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Visconti’s Unique Inspirations

Visconti is unlike any other pen brand. Founded in 1988, it has a modern sensibility but draws on the special history and culture of its place of birth – Florence – to create collections that are unique in terms of their conception. How many pen collectors can say they own something directly inspired by the likes of Van Gogh and Rembrandt, made from particles of Mount Etna or which uses the principles of the Fibonacci sequence? Here are three of Visconti’s most unusual muses.


Whether it’s the Old Masters (the Visconti Rembrandt collection) or icons of Impressionism (the Visconti Van Gogh range), Visconti loves to pay homage to some of the greats of the art world. Great gifts for cultured friends and family, owning one of these pens is like having a little masterpiece in your pocket. Who knows which muse the brand will choose to channel next?


The famous Fibonacci sequence originated down the road from Visconti’s Florentine home at Pisa, so it makes sense that this mathematical phenomenon has served as an inspiration to the company. The Divina range plays on the ‘golden ratio’ proportions for the cap and barrel, and the distinctive swirling design uses the Fibonacci Nautilus shell sequence.


A pen (the Visconti Homo Sapiens) made of lava from Mount Etna; a special edition made of teak wood which recalls the sailing vessels of Portofino; or a writing instrument based on the vibrant Gaudi architecture of Barcelona. This is the type of diverse and wordly inspiration you’ll find in the Visconti range.