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Three Waterman Innovations

Waterman pens are known for their quality and style more than their inventiveness, but actually the brand has always been quietly innovative. Here are three designs that changed the fountain pen landscape.

The Three-Fissure Feed (1884)

The original Waterman innovation. Legend has it that Lewis Waterman failed to secure a contract thanks to an ink blot left by a faulty pen. Whether this is true or not, his 1884 patent made splodges of ink a thing of the past.

The Safety Pen (1908)

This was the first pen with a retractable nib and a tightly threaded screw-on cap, thereby making it practically impervious to leaks. The nib retracted into the barrel as the cap was screwed on. After this, many other companies started making safety pens.

Waterman CF (1953)

This was the first fountain pento feature the modern plastic ink cartridge. It was styled by American automobile designer Harley Earl, and you can see the sleek lines of 1950s cars echoed in its curves. The plastic cartridge was a practical, futuristic update on existing glass ink cartridges, ideal for the booming sci-fi era.