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The Sheaffer White Dot

Coming from a jewellery background, Walter A Sheaffer was always going to take pride in exquisite craftsmanship and artisan methods. In the early days, Walter would check every pen himself and place a small white dot on each once he was satisfied with, confirming that it was of the quality he desired. In 1924, Sheaffer launched its Lifetime Warranty. So proud was the brand of its dependable, durable writing instruments, the original white dot (which now embellishes every Sheaffer product) is the visible symbol of this guarantee of quality and class. The company’s Lifetime Pen, launched in 1920, retailed at $8.75 – three times the cost of competitor pens – but was still successful. The success of this pen, and at this price point, was proof that consumers ? and fans of the Sheaffer range ? valued the quality of a Sheaffer pen.

Whether it’s a glossy lacquer, an engraved trim or precious metal nib; you’ll only get the highest quality materials and engineering with a Sheaffer pen. The company treats everyday rollerballs and signature limited editions in super-exclusive materials with the same degree of care, ensuring every writing instrument that leaves their factory is deserving of the prestigious white dot.

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