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Chameleon Blendable Marker Pens - Assorted Colours (Super Set of 52)

A glorious collection of Chameleon's blendable marker pens in a practical and modern carry case.

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This super set of colouring pens from Chameleon is the perfect gift for aspiring artists, particularly those who enjoy colouring, design or illustration. The set includes fifty-two special marker pens, which feature two drawing elements, a colouring tip and a blending top. Together, these elements can be used to effortlessly create gradients from colour-to-colourless ink. This unique feature opens a door to a world of creativity and it's yours to explore!

  • Seamless colour-to-colourless blending
  • Filled with high-quality, alcohol-based pigment
  • Refillable with ink kits and replacement tips (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Chameleon Colour Tops (sold separately)
  • Permanent on most surfaces, including plastic, glass and wood
  • Ideal for creative adventure and practicing colouring techniques
  • Compatible with other alcohol-based marker pens
  • Includes fifty-two individual colours, each with their own blending top
  • Supplied in Chameleon packaging
  • Colour Themes Includes

    • Pastel Tones set: Warm Sunset [YO3], Fawn [NU3], Bisque [NU1], Bubble Gum [PK3], Cool Gray [CG8]
    • Earth Tones set: Spring Meadow [YG3] , Bark [BR5], Seville Orange [OR4], Hot Cocoa [BR2], Olive Green [OL3]
    • Primary Tones set: Crimson Red [RD4], Summer Sun [YL2], Royal Blue [BL6], Grass Green [GR3], Deep Black [BK4]
    • Cool Tones set: Sky Blue [BL3], Blue Violet [BV4], Deep Violet [VO4], Purple Grape [PR4], Aqua Marine [BG4]
    • Nature Tones set: Taupe [BR1], Cinnamon [BR3], Green Apple [GR1], Dark Sage [GR2], Evergreen [GR4]
    • Blue Tones set: Baby Blue [BL2], Cornflower Blue [BL4], Indigo [BL7], Lagoon [BG1], Turquoise [BG3]
    • Floral Tones set: Dusty Rose [PK2], Peony Pink [PK4], Fuchsia [PK5], Lavender [BV2], Mauve [VO2]
    • Warm Tones set: Red Coral [RD2], Vermillion [RD3], Burgundy [RD5], Mellow Yellow [YO2], Tangerine [OR3]
    • Skin Tones set: Nude [NU00], Sand [NU0], Light Peach [NU2], Carmel [NU4], Burnt Umber [BR4]
    • Gray Tones set: Neutral Gray 4 [NG4], Cool Gray 5 [CG5], Cool Gray 9 [CG9], Warm Gray 3 [WG3], Warm Gray 7 [WG7]
    • 1x Detail pen
    • 1x Colorless blender

    More Information

    Brand Chameleon
    Sub Brand/Model Blendable Marker
    Type Marker (Non-Permanent)
    Tip Type Dual Tip
    Tip Size Assorted
    Ink/Lead Colour - Actual Assorted