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  • Your Favourite Book Characters Drawn By People Who’ve Never Read the Book

    book character drawings

    When you watch a film, the visual is already painted out for you. The set is built around an actual location and the actors show you what the characters look like. It’s much easier to get an idea of the story when you can physically see what is going on. With a book, however, in order to become engulfed in the storyline, the author has to work a little harder. They must provide detailed descriptions that help you picture the characters and resonate with the story.

    Our relationship with our favourite books tends to become much more intimate. As we take on the author’s descriptions and transform them into personal images, our brains create personalisation’s of those characters. With often only a few words to go by, it can be interesting to see how our brain’s pair together certain personality traits and features. If you were to ask a person to draw a character from a book they’d never heard of without context, you’d expect to see an eclectic mix of images potentially resembling different people. They certainly wouldn’t be as consistent than if we were to have shown people a readymade picture of what an actor looks like.

    Well that’s what we did. We decided to conduct an experiment to see what people would draw having heard only a single description. We chose not to tell people they’d be drawing book characters - aside from asking them to draw the person based on the description they heard, we provided them with no context at all. The character description we chose are from famous novels and are of famous characters, not that the volunteering artists knew that. We thought it would be interesting to opt for books that had already been made into films, so we could highlight the differences between what people pieced together from the book vs what the films show us the actors should look like.

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  • What Happens When You Reimagine Your Favourite Songs as Novels


    Lyrics are meaningful and they often tell a powerful story, but sometimes caught aback by the catchy tune we often neglect to think about how the lyrics actually come across. Take Thriller for example by Michael Jackson, a chilling Halloween associated song if you go by the lyrics but it’s often a party classic due to the funky dance moves. Likewise, Copacabana, a well-known karaoke hit that stems generations, the lyrics however are quite dark.

    Songs are lyrically skilled and if you stop and spend the time carefully listening to the words, you may be surprised at some of the epic stories they could be turned into. We decided to created book covers based on the nation’s favourite songs and when you see them, you’ll never be able to hear favourite tunes the same way again.
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  • Bullet Journal Hacks – BuJo Tips & Tricks

    Bullet journaling is great fun but hacks make life easier and less stressful, so we’ve put together a guide with our favourite tips and tricks to help save you some time. Have you ever made a mistake in your book and ruined your theme, have you ever ran out of room in your index, or do you need to add more pages into a collection but you’ve run out of room? We’re sharing tips on everything from indexing to signifiers, so you’re sure to find some helpful hacks to better your BuJo.

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  • What Are Bullet Journals & Why Are They So Popular?

    Journaling dates back to the 10th century and was popular for keeping your personal thoughts and experiences written down. Bullet journals are somewhat an extension of this practise; however the concept has been modernised and it now encompasses your to do lists, your appointments, your contacts and your sketches, as well as the original diary extracts. Bullet journals are a collection of your diary, notes, calendar and address book. It is a thorough organisation system that people rely on to get them through day to day life.

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  • 50 Hilariously Honest New Titles For Your Favourite Books

    Have you ever picked up a book after reading the title and thought that sounds interesting, only to read the story and think that title really doesn’t do the book justice? We decided to take a brutally honest look at the most popular books, and as a result we’ve changed their original titles to reflect what the essence of the story is about.

    We have created 50 hilariously honest alternate titles for some of your favourite books. To show you what we came up with and make the titles seem more authentic, we redesigned their book covers using the original 1930s classic Penguin book cover designs.

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  • How to keep a Journal

    Have you ever wanted to keep a journal but were unsure how to start? Or do you already struggle to write in your current one? Well, if you follow these three steps you’ll soon be on your way to owning a flourishing journal.
  • Calligraphy Basics

    It is now regarded that there are two types of calligraphy; Classic and Modern. But what’s the difference? We’ve written a brief introduction on the subject to help you. And if you feel inspired to try your hand at either after this read, then we’ve included links to products which we think will suit both beginners and the more advanced.
  • Don’t miss the Parker Pens’ celebration at Harrods:

    From now until Sunday 31st July, The Great Writing Room at Harrods will hold an exhibit of Parker Pens to celebrate the Monarch’s 90th year. Learn more about their latest bespoke pen, The Tudor Rose.
  • Graduation gifts to celebrate your loved one’s success

    Is your son or daughter graduating this year? If so, congratulations! We know you must be the proudest parents in the world right now. No doubt you’ll want to share in their success by toasting to their future. But what about a more meaningful and long lasting graduation gift?
  • Win a Parker Duofold Mini Fountain Pen

    It's competition time again and this time around a Parker Duofold fountain pen pen is up for grabs! In celebration of the newly released Parker Duofold Historical Colours, we're giving away this luxury fountain pen.

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