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Diamine Ink Cleaning Solution 30ml

The best cleaning solution to unclog fountain pen nibs and rejuvenate the writing performance.

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If you ever find yourself in a situation where your much-loved fountain pen won't write like it used to, the nib and feed are likely blocked by dry ink.

It is natural for this to happen and can be prevented by regular cleaning with plain-old lukewarm water, but if that fails, don't worry - Diamine Nib Cleaning Solution is here to save the day!

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Pen cleaning fluid was originally produced for technical drawing pens, which use a very thick ink and can be prone to causing blockages if the pens aren't cleaned thoroughly. The solution was then tested on fountain pens and proved to be a successful way of rejuvenating the writing quality.

How does it work?

To clean the nib, simply dip it directly into the bottle of cleaning solution and allow it to soak for a few minutes. This will allow the solution to penetrate dried ink and will alleviate blockages. You then need to rinse the nib with water to clean out any excess solution.

If the blockage is a little tough, we recommended fitting a converter to your nib and filling it with the cleaning solution to thoroughly flush the nib out. You can also leave the nib to soak for a longer period. Remember to rinse the nib and converter afterwards with clean water.

It's best to use a fresh cartridge or ink bottle after cleaning to prevent blockages from returning.

This process is the most effective way to maintain fountain pens, and we recommend thorough cleaning any time you stop using your pen for more than a few days or if you plan to store it away for a while.

The solution will discolour over time as you use it but will take many uses before the effectiveness of the cleaning fluid starts to decrease.

Please Note: You mustn't soak nibs for excessive periods as it can cause plastics to fade, particularly in older pens. It's completely safe in short periods and the solution is non-toxic.

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Brand Diamine Inks
Sub Brand/Model Cleaning Fluid
Type Cleaning Fluid