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Diamine Inkvent Christmas Ink Bottle 50ml - Poinsettia

A deep and rich red ink based on the iconic Poinsettia plants, ideal for those in need of an eye catching ink.


This top-quality fountain pen ink is based on the iconic floral symbol of Poinsettia plants, which are often used to decorate homes and venues during the Festive Season. This ink has a deep and rich red pigment, ideal for those in need of an eye catching coloured ink for their writing.

  • Supplied in an elegant 50ml ink bottle
  • High-quality, colour intensive pigment
  • Suitable for use with all fountain pens
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom

More Information

Brand Diamine Inks
Sub Brand/Model 50ml Christmas Inkvent
Type Ink Bottle
Ink/Lead Colour - Actual Poinsettia
Ink Bottle Size 50ml