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DIPLOMAT’s Space Age Innovations

Always the early adopters, DIPLOMAT were one of the first companies to introduce the ballpoint pen to Germany in the 1950s. They had already become renowned as makers of superior quality fountain pens, so when they brought out a ballpoint – still a relatively new concept – Germany trusted them to get it right. Later that decade, they launched a fountain pen with the new, modern, ink cartridges – a modern alternative to the converter pens of the day.

Today, they’re still forging new paths in the world of fine writing. Their SPACETEC gas-pressurised pen refill range has been fine-tuned to be able to be used in zero-gravity, upside down, in below-freezing temperatures or extreme heat – oh, and it’ll write for over three miles before needing to be replaced. For the everyday user, it means you’re getting the extra engineering that goes into a NASA-worthy pen, even if you’re not an astronaut – the ink flows smoothly and it’ll write on almost any surface. Who wouldn’t want that?