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Fountain Pen Nib Care

The fountain pen nib is the core part of the pen, and the one that requires the most care and maintenance, to ensure its longevity and reliability for years to come. We have put together some handy tips for keeping your nib in great condition, which are all below.

Store your nib well

If you are not going to use your pen for a while, keep it empty and thoroughly clean the nib before storing it. The acids in the ink together with the oxygen starts oxidation which corrodes your nib if ink is left in the pen.

Keep the cap on when writing

If you can, write with the cap attached to the end of the pen, that way if you accidentally drop your pen, hopefully the heavier end will reach the floor first rather than the nib.

Keep the cap on when not writing

This one might seem obvious, but keeping the cap on when the pen is not in use will mean that its protected from bumps, drops and damage.

Regular maintenance

Rinse your nib section at least once a month with cool water until the water runs clear, this keeps any blockages and old ink out, and also gives you an opportunity to try a new colour.

Clean between refills

Clean out the nib between each refill, even if you're using the same colour. Its a nice habit to get into that drastically improves the lifespan of your nib.

Blow out the residue

Gently blow into the nib assembly after cleaning to blow out any residual trapped water.