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Hugo Boss Piston Converter - K5

A practical refill for Hugo Boss fountain pens, designed for use with bottled ink.

Product Code: HPR621K5 In Stock


What's it for?

This ink converter is designed to take the place of an ink cartridge in your Hugo Boss fountain pen. It is essentially an empty ink cartridge that can be filled with an ink colour of your choice.

How do you fill the converter?

There are several ways to fill a converter and the most popular choice is to fit the converter to the nib section of your pen. We recommend having a paper towel to hand for the following steps. Once the converter is fitted to the nib, you firstly need to turn the black part of the converter so that the plunger inside is completely visible. At this stage, you dip the nib into your ink bottle, and turn the end of the converter. This will then retract the plunger and sucks up ink through the nib (similar to the way a syringe works). Once full, you just need to clean any excess ink from your nib with a paper towel and return the nib section to your pen.

Which pens will this converter fit?

This converter will fit any of the Hugo Boss branded fountain pens.

More Information

Brand Hugo Boss
Sub Brand/Model Inks & Refills
Type Fountain Pen Converter