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Which Kaweco Pen Is Right For Me?

With a large range of sizes and styles, there will be a Kaweco pen that is perfect for you – it’s just about picking the right one.

Firstly, choose what kind of nib you prefer. The fountain pens and rollerballs in the Sport ranges have round barrels and hexagonal caps, whereas the ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils have full hexagonal or octagonal bodies. You might want a premium material, like brass or steel, or you may prefer a more affordable thermo-plastic, such as that used in the Skyline Sport range.

Next up, pick a size. The Kaweco Liliput is one of the smallest fountain pens in the world, so if you like a streamlined writing instrument, it could well be for you. The AC Sport, inspired by the mechanics and physics used in sports car design, is also a lightweight option that uses aluminium and carbon. For something chunkier, go with the vintage-inspired DIA2.