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Manuscript’s Part In The Ballpoint Story

Manuscript may be famous for its excellent calligraphy pens now, but once upon a time the company had a hand in creating one of the most ubiquitous writing instruments ever – the ballpoint pen.

The Leonhardt brothers, sons of founder Diedrich, had continued his company after his untimely death, forming connections around the world and becoming penmakers to royalty. They then merged with Hewitt & Co and, together with Hezekiah Hewitt, developed the ‘Eureka Pen’. Patented in 1883, this was the first ever ballpoint pen.

The company continued to evolve the design and became known for their high-quality ballpoints. Now, people could write on diverse surfaces, like wood or rougher paper, and the simplified design made pens and writing more accessible to everyone. Thanks to the Leonhardt brothers and their friend Hewitt, we are all able to use and benefit from this durable workhorse of the pen world today.