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Multi Pens

As the name may suggest, a multipen is a pen which has multiple functions, mainly the ability to have different refill types and colours for immediate use. Most modern multipens use gravity to operate, where the user needs to turn the pen until the markings for the refill they want to expose are face down, and then press the button to expose it. Some other multipens need the cap twisted until the correct refill is exposed and others use different sliding buttons.

Multipens typically include a pencil and pen, or a variation of pen colours, or even sometimes a highlighter.

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Cross Tech3+ Multipen - Frosty Steel Chrome Trim

A futuristic multipen with three writing features and a built in touch-screen stylus, crafted with a frosty steel lacquer finish with finely engraved pattern and polished chrome trim details.

RRP $110.40 Save 21%

Tombow Zoom L102 Multipen

A fantastic writing tool for bullet journalists, creative writers and professionals, featuring multiple ink colours.

School & Classroom Everyday Office
From $57.27

Tombow Zoom L104 Multipen

A versatile writing tool allowing you to switch between traditional writing and digital content with a built in stylus.

School & Classroom Premium Office
From $38.92

Cross Tech2 Multipen - Pure Chrome

A beautiful ballpoint pen with a stylus feature, styled with a full-bodied polished chrome finish and satin black details.

This pen can be engraved
RRP $35.88 Save 23%

Cross Tech3+ Multipen - Metallic Blue Chrome Trim

A modern day writing instrument with multi-functional uses, including a black ballpoint, red ballpoint, HB pencil and an integrated touch-screen stylus. Crafted with a metallic blue lacquer finish and polished chrome trims.

This pen can be engraved
RRP $103.50 Save 25%
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