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Paint Marker Buying Guide

Which paint marker to buy depends greatly on what you want to create, as at a basic level, they are all very similar (a single use marker pen that dispenses paint). However, you can buy them in all sorts of different colours, brands and tip styles, including several different sizes.

We will leave the colour choice up to you to decide, but below is a a quick guide on which tip to go for, and how to get the most from it, depending on what you want to create.

Bullet tip:

This is the standard multi-use paint marker, used for marking objects with a uniform, clean stroke. This tip style makes it ideal for block colour, illustration and marking on rough objects.

Chisel tip:

A chisel tip has an angle which, depending on the angle you hold the marker, will vary the stroke width. This tip can also help you draw angles and complete with precise detail.

Brush tip:

The brush tip paint markers mimic the feel of a paintbrush more than an everyday marker pen. This gives a much more unique, artistic feel to the finished product, and is best suited to softer, more delicate materials and more intricate designs.

The tip size that you choose will again depend on the size and the detail of your project. Block colouring will typically call for a broader tip, whereas outlines will require something more precise with a finer tip.

There is no one single use for a tip style or size, and you might find that having a quiver of several different styles and colours, gives you much more versatility in your designs.

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