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Parker Sonnet Nib - Solid 18K Gold Rhodium Plated (Special Edition)

An elegant replacement nib designed for Parker Sonnet special edition fountain pens, featuring a solid 18K gold writing point.


Introduction to the Sonnet Collection

The Sonnet range was first introduced by Parker in 1994 and has since been produced in a myriad of styles and finishes. The one thing that has remained the same is the collections popularity and high-quality design. They are a best-selling choice for professional writers and gifting.

About the Nib

Most Sonnet nibs are manufactured as a nib and feed only, which are designed to fit inside the grip-section of a Sonnet fountain pen. This particular nib is produced from solid 18K gold with a rhodium-plated finish. It was released as part of a special edition range of Sonnets inspired by travelling writers.

Which pens will this nib fit?

It can be used with almost any Sonnet fountain pen dating back to the 1990s. There may be a few exceptions, however, Sonnets have barely changed since they were first produced so it's likely to fit the vast majority of models.

How to fit the nib

  • Step 1: You will first need to ensure you remove your ink cartridge or converter from inside the barrel of your pen
  • Step 2: You can then unscrew your current nib from the grip section of the pen
  • Step 3: Once removed, you simply insert the new nib to the grip and screw it into place
  • Step 4: When fitted, we recommend using a new ink cartridge, or cleaning your converter to ensure any old ink doesn't affect the writing quality of your new nib.

If you have any questions about Sonnet nibs, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

More Information

Brand Parker
Sub Brand/Model Sonnet
Type Fountain Pen Nib
Nib Finish Solid 18K Gold Rhodium Plated