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Welcome to the People's Journal Project

  • Receive it
  • Create your page
  • Pass it on

Be part of something special

The People's Journal Project is an experiment to join people around the world with creativity, and share their work with friends and strangers alike. The world today is so fast paced, and with everything digitalised it's often hard to appreciate the time and effort that goes into artwork, or the hand-written word. Everyone has never been as connected to each other as they are now, and yet still at times can feel so isolated. We wanted to run an experiment to see if we could bring people together, share their creative side and just take a bit of time out, to be part of something special.

How will it work?

We send out 50 journals to randomly selected participants

The idea behind the project is simple. We The Online Pen Company will send out 50 blank leather journals to randomly selected participants.

These people get one page to do whatever they wish

This could be a diary entry, a sketch, a letter, the choice is theirs. Total creative freedom.

They then choose someone to pass the journal on to

Ideally someone in a different circle, town or even country (a travelling friend maybe?).

These people each then get the next page for themselves

They then pass it on again, and so on until the journal is completed, full of great creative works and all the participants along the route have enjoyed the pages from whoever the journal has crossed paths with. Hopefully we will have been given updates along the way which will be displayed right here on the site.

The journals are full, and hopefully we can get them back to us

If we get a full journal delivered back to us, we will look to a museum or organisation we can donate it to, to be enjoyed by even more people. Each journal will have the first page printed with instructions and information about the project.

Want to get involved?

Due to the current outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, and to not encourage further spread of the virus, we have made the decision to postpone the launch of The People's Journal project until further notice. We will leave applications open for people to still register to take part, and will keep people informed abotut the revised launch date.

The project is due to begin on 29th February 2020. If you want to be in the running to be one of the 50, or just want to subscribe to the updates, then click the button below.
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