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POSCA PCR-7 Replacement Tips for PC-7M

Broad bullet tip replacement tips manufactured for the POSCA PC-7M paint marker collection.

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What are they for?

These replacement fibre tips are designed for the Uni-Ball POSCA PC-7M Paint Markers. They allow you to refresh the writing and colouring quality of your markers by simply swapping the tip for a new one.

How do you change the tips?

We recommend prepping your area. You will need a scrap piece of paper, a pair of tweezers, the new replacement tip and the marker pen you would like to refresh.

The first step is to hold the marker pen vertically above a scrap piece of paper. This will prevent any leakages and the paper will protect your work surface if any paint spills out. You then take the tweezers and pinch the used tip, easing it carefully upwards and out of the marker. Once removed, you can place the used tip onto the scrap paper. Then you just need to insert the replacement tip into the empty slot, so that the bullet end is facing upwards. Once complete, you can press the marker onto the scrap paper a few times until paint begins to flow through the tip.

What's included?

  • 3 x Replacement tips for the PC-7M markers
  • Supplied in POSCA packaging

More Information

Brand Uni-Ball
Sub Brand/Model Posca
Type Spare Parts