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5 Cool Things To Do With A Sharpie

Sharpie pens have endless uses – at home, at work, at school – anywhere! Here are some unexpected and cool things you can do with yours.

Customise your kicks

Get creative with a pack of coloured Sharpies and some plain white canvas trainers. Doodle designs on them, customise them with your name, go for a colourful all-over print – whatever you decide, Sharpies can liven up your dull trainers in minutes.

Get crafty with your wrapping

No tags? No problem! You can use your Sharpie to add a stylish touch to your Christmas or birthday presents by writing directly onto plain coloured of brown wrapping paper. Write the recipient’s name, sure – but why not also add some themed drawings, too?

Upgrade your home décor

Ceramic vases or decorative plates, lampshades, cushions, candle holders – if it’s in your home, you can Sharpie on it! Use metallic markers for a glamorous twist, or black for a monochrome scheme.

Get organised

You can use Sharpies to help you organise your home and life. They’re ideal for labelling your jars and storage containers in your pantry or cupboards; they won’t fade or rub off freezer bags; you can use pretty colours or metallics to make attractive labels for storage boxes; and children’s clothes and shoes will never get misplaced again when labelled with a Sharpie.

Try some nail art

Forget nail art pens or expensive manicures – just use a Sharpie! Doodle designs on your nails, either on top of or instead of a base nail colour, and simply seal with a top coat. Et voilà! Pro-level nails on a budget.