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Sheaffer's All-Star Products

As one of America’s most prestigious pen brands, Sheaffer pens have always held a special place in the hearts of their users and in US cultural history. In 1946, a Sheaffer pen was salvaged from the USS Oklahoma (at the bottom of Pearl Harbor). It was then used by a printing company in Toledo, Ohio, to write a message on the envelopes of bonds during its WWII Victory Bond sales drive. Each envelope read, “So there’ll always be a peaceful Christmas, My Victory Bond Gift to you.”

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This compassionate approach from Sheaffer continued when, in 1951, the fifty-millionth Sheaffer pen rolled off the assembly line. To commemorate, rather than being sold off to the highest bidder, it was gifted to the most senior company employee, a woman who had been working for Sheaffer since 1916.

Sheaffer fountain pens have also been loved by some notable historical figures and writers. Seminal authors Simone De Beauvoir and Sylvia Plath both used Sheaffer products to pen their books, with De Beauvoir favouring the innovative Sheaffer Snorkel with its mess-free refill mechanism and Plath likely using an early lever-filling system fountain pen. America’s top dogs love them, too – in 1989, when President George H W Bush was inaugurated, he was presented with a sterling silver Sheaffer Nostalgia fountain pen, engraved with his initials.

Today, Sheaffer pens still command attention from the highest echelons, which can be seen in their choice of brand partnerships. In 2013, the company partnered with Ferrari to produce a range of sleek, racy pens bearing not only the Sheaffer white dot, but also the famous black horse of Italy’s premier car designers.