50 Hilariously Honest New Titles For Your Favourite Books

30th Nov 2017

Have you ever picked up a book after reading the title and thought that sounds interesting, only to read the story and think that title really doesn’t do the book justice? We decided to take a brutally honest look at the most popular books, and as a result we’ve changed their original titles to reflect what the essence of the story is about.

We have created 50 hilariously honest alternate titles for some of your favourite books. To show you what we came up with and make the titles seem more authentic, we redesigned their book covers using the original 1930s classic Penguin book cover designs.

Have a look at the full list of book covers below and see if you can guess which stories the new titles are about. We’ve grouped them by genre so there’s a little something for everyone. If you are struggling, we’ve included the real title below, but we’ve also changed the penguin design on each cover to give you a little hint. If you’re like us and a bit of a bookworm, this game is quite fun so see if you can resist checking out the actual title.

Please note, you will find spoilers in our new titles, but these books are the most popular novels read anyway so chances are you’ll already know what the stories are about.

The Crime and Mystery Genre

Funny Book Titles - Crime

Horror, Thriller and Fantasy

Funny Book Titles - Horrer


Funny Book Titles - Humour

Children’s Books

Funny Book Titles - Childrens

Sci-Fi Fantasy

Funny Book Titles - Sci Fi

>And here’s some miscellaneous extras…

Funny Book Titles - Other