Visconti has created 'My Pen System' which is a unique patented system allowing each Visconti pen to be personalised. The tip of each pen displays a circular metal Visconti logo as standard, held in place with strong magnetic force. We can personalise your pen in a colourful way, by replacing the Visconti logo with your birthstone. The rounded circular stones have been set beautifully into a metal ring, and we think they complement perfectly a classic black or plain coloured pen.

Choose from (Left to right, top row): Hematite, Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Cornelian, Tigers-eye and Pearl

Or from (Left to right bottom row): Onyx, Natural Amethyst, Turquoise, Olive, Amber and Yellow Agate


Brand Visconti

Visconti My Pen System - Natural Stone


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Your birthstone fitted to the tip of your Visconti pen using the patented Visconti 'My Pen System'.

Choose from: Amber, Natural Amethyst, Cornelian, Hematite, Malachite, Lapislazuli, Tigers-eye, Onyx, Olive, Pearl, Turquoise, Yellow Agate

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Gift Wrapping

For those that don't have the time, can't do it or simply want the luxury touch, we offer a professional gift wrapping service here at The Online Pen Company.

Our gift wrapping consists of beautiful two-sided wrapping paper with a burgundy exterior and a golden interior. Each item is then wrapped individually, and then tied with a golden bow. The wrapping is then finished with a personalised handwritten message card, which is attached to the corner of your item.

The process to have your item gift wrapped is nice and simple

  • 1. Choose your pen
  • 2. Use the drop down menu on the product page to add gift wrapping to your item, and then use the next menu that appears to add a personalised message.
  • 3. Add the product to the basket, and continue shopping.

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