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Calligraphy, which comes from the Greek words for 'beauty' and 'writing', is the art of writing. Calligraphy has been present in human civilisation throughout the world for thousands of years, and has shown its tenacity by surviving to this modern age. It has played a part in many different cultures, and has become a most satisfying hobby as many people take up pens and inks to create beautiful greetings cards, birthday cards and wedding invitations. Anyone can learn calligraphy, and creating such beautiful lettering really does give a great sense of achievement.

At The Online Pen Company we stock a multitude of calligraphy items such as marker pens, fountain pens, dip pens and beginner and intermediate sets with the availability of different nibs. We believe ourselves to be among the best online shops for calligraphy pens in the UK.

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Sheaffer Maxi Calligraphy Kit

A modern writing set designed for beginners and master calligraphers, including three stylish calligraphy pens with assorted nib sizes and ten ink cartridges in various colours.

RRP $26.25 Save 15%

Sheaffer Calligraphy Pen - Pink - Fine Nib

A creative writing tool designed for detailed calligraphy work, crafted from first-rate materials with a gloss pink finish, detailed with shiny chrome plated trims.

RRP $11.88 Save 16%

Sheaffer Mini Calligraphy Kit

A high-quality writing set including the Sheaffer Calligraphy Pen with three nib options and four assorted colour ink cartridges. An ideal choice for beginners and master calligraphers.

RRP $18.75 Save 14%
Items 26 to 45 of 45
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