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The Engraving Process

The full procedure for any engraved pen purchased from us is always the same, and we try to keep it as simple as possible for you. We use the latest engraving technology to ensure that you get a premium finish that exceeds your expectations.

engraved pens in process

Add the engraving

The first step is to add the engraving options to your pen before you add it to your basket. On the individual product page you will find a dropdown menu titled ‘Would you like your pen engraved?’ which will open up further options allowing you to choose your font, and message.

We use three different fonts for engraving; Futura, Roman & Script and each one has a preview image of its final finish. If the engraving is done on the laser machine, the script font will appear more like the Monotype Corsiva font. See the engraving examples to see the different finishes.

You also specify your message here, which can be up to 16 characters. This can be anything you like. If you have a request for more characters feel free to contact us and we can advise if it will fit.

Complete the order

Once you’ve added your product to the basket, just check out as normal. The order will come through to us and be picked from the warehouse and passed through to the engraving department.

The pen engraving department

Once in the engraving department your order will be evaluated by an engraving expert who will decide the best machine to do the engraving on. We have two types of machines here, a diamond engraver and a laser engraver. The diamond engraver uses a small diamond bit to remove material and cut into the pen, the laser uses a beam of light to remove paint.

We tend to do glossy finish pens on the diamond machine because if the trim of the pen is silver, and the material of the pen is brass the colours wont match, but on a diamond engraved pen you can infill the engraving so that the colour matches the trim. The laser machine is mainly used for matt finish pens (where the diamond machine would chip the paint), pens where the engraved colour would match the trim and stainless steel finish pens.

Stainless steel pens will nearly always use a thermal bonding process in engraving, which creates a black finish. See the examples page for more information.

If you would like exact details on how your pen will be engraved, please contact us.

Once the engraver has decided on the machine, your pen will be engraved to your specification and sent through to the dispatch department for quality control and sending out to you.

Most engraving is done on the pen cap, however if requested or it will not fit on the cap, we will do it on the barrel. Pens are engraved so that when held in the hand, the text can be read from left to right.

We aim to do all of this and still meet the regular order cut off times, so an engraved order has no time delay in getting to you.

lazer pen engraving