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Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are a great upgrade to the standard wooden pencils we use all the time. They allow the mechanical pencil lead to be extended from the pencil whenever it gets worn down, via some sort of retracting mechanism, meaning you never need a sharpener, your lines never vary and you never need a new pencil.

You can get all different types, from luxury mechanical pencils, to technical drawing mechanical pencils and everyday mechanical pencils, all serving a different purpose. You can also get different lead thickness, and some have built in mechanical pencil erasers.

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Kaweco Steel Sport Pencil - Steel

A bold and characterful mechanical pencil manufactured from stainless steel in its raw state, which has been delicately detailed with a brushed metal finish.


Kaweco AL Sport Pencil - Raw

An ingenious mechanical pencil with an unlacquered, polished barrel, crafted from anodised aluminium with a hexagonal silhouette.


Kaweco Skyline Sport Pencil - Mint

A stylish click-action mechanical pencil ideal for creative projects, crafted from top-quality mint green resin, complete with polished chrome plated attributes.


Kaweco AL Sport Pencil - Black

An iconically designed click-action mechanical pencil, structured from durable aluminium and coated with a satin-like black lacquer finish.


Kaweco AC Sport Pencil - Green

A sensational mechanical pencil with a hexagonal aluminium body, coated with a stylish green lacquer and detailed with inlaid carbon fibre.


Kaweco AC Sport Pencil - Orange

A German engineered mechanical pencil of premium-quality, produced from first-rate aluminium with an orange lacquer finish and carbon fibre accents.

Items 76 to 100 of 135
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