Top 10 calligraphers to follow on Instagram

14th Aug 2019

Happy World Calligraphy Day! What better way to celebrate than by giving you a rundown of some of our favourite typographical kings and queens on Insta? Hit follow on these for a hit of hand-lettering inspiration for your own creative projects. Time to stock up on your calligraphy essentials…


Alice Gabb

A stationery designer based in east London, Alice Gabb is one of calligraphy’s hipster poster children. Her hand-lettering – created using all manner of calligraphy pens as well as an iPad – can be seen on menus, invites and even protest placards across London. She also teaches modern calligraphy, in case you want to pick up a dip pen and have a go yourself.


Oh Wonder Calligraphy

Author and hand-lettering master Lauren of Oh Wonder is a true expert in all things modern calligraphy – she even wrote the book on it! As well as traditional stationery, she puts her hand – literally – to writing on everything from baubles to agate. Her feed is so pretty, following her will be a ultra-sensory source of inspiration for your own projects.


Leslie Tieu

Colourful, playful and uplifting, Leslie Tieu’s feed is a rainbow of inspirational quotes and prints – all hand-lettered, of course. Favouring a brush style, alongside beautiful floral illustrations, Leslie’s 163k followers prove the heart-lifting power of bright colours and creativity.


Dulcie Doodles

A middle-school teacher who moonlights as an expert calligrapher, Rachael creates some beautiful, colourful pieces. Ombre toning – created using watercolour pens – and 3D lettering give her work individual character. Watch her Insta stories for tutorials and recommendations.


Stefan Kunz

Somewhat of a lettering celebrity, Stefan Kunz has a huge following of nearly half a million, and it’s not hard to see why. Yes, he does calligraphy, but he also paints huge signs and murals in a variety of styles, using chalk, paint and pens. As well as re-creating famous logos with Procreate on his iPad, he collaborates with businesses around the globe. One to watch.


Michaela McBride

A custom stationery designer based in New Zealand, Michaela’s feed is gloriously elegant. She has a beautifully classy hand, and her feed is a symphony of muted navy, gold and cream. Practised and novice calligraphers alike should follow for the refined lettering inspiration and incomparable loops. This lady has talent. 


Love Leigh Loops

With tutorials and free resources aplenty, twin sisters Jillian and Jordan are on a mission to bring calligraphy to the masses. They’re Procreate masters, showing off lettering styles via the medium of writing down types of wine – girls after our own hearts. Make them your daily destination for simple-to-follow calligraphy tips.


Seb Lester

A bonafide lettering god, English typographer Seb Lester trained in graphic design at Central Saint Martins – and it shows. He’s a font developer as well as a logo and type designer for the likes of Apple, Nike and NASA. But don’t let his eminence put you off – he also shows off a range of traditional calligraphic styles on his Instagram feed, and takes requests to draw famous brand logos.


Karla Lim

Vancouver based Karla breaks up the tonal taupe and white images of beautifully elegant hand lettering on her feed with shots of the pretty wax seal sets and calligraphy practice pads that you can buy in her shop – oh, and super-cute pictures of her baby. It’s the inspiration feed that has everything.


Teeny Letters

Tina of Teeny Letters has a penchant for song lyrics and famous quotes, intricately hand-lettering them into prints. Her calligraphy has a modern and expressive look, full of vibrant personality and colour, and she uses all kinds of instruments, from bushes to ballpoints. Follow her for inspiration of both the practical and emotional kinds.