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Fountain Pen Nibs

A fountain pen nib is not permanently fixed in place, and needs to be removed to change the ink cartridge, or refill a fountain pen converter. This means that you can also replace this whole fountain pen nib section, as easily as you took the old one out.

All of our fountain pens are available with the full range of alternative nib sizes already fitted, so you don't have to settle for the standard medium nib if you don't want to. We also sell replacement fountain pen nibs on their own, in case yours is broken, worn out, or you just want to try a different size. We started out as a fine writing specialist, and have a deep knowledge of all things nibs, so if you have a question, or a particularly old pen you cant find a nib for (we would love to see it) then please contact us

We have put together some information and guides on nibs for fountain pens below, please take a look.