Rollerball Pens: Best Buys for Every Budget

If you want the ease of use and convenience of a ballpoint pen, but the liquid glide of fountain pens, then you need a rollerball pen. They’re a fantastic happy medium between ballpoint and fountain pens. The ink they use is liquid-based, instead of oil-based, so it glides over the paper, but the pen has a similar feel to the ballpoint pen. A rollerball will produce darker, finer lines as well.

This post is for those that know they want a rollerball pen and want to see the best options out there. If you don’t know why you should get a rollerball pen, check out this post on choosing a rollerball pen for more details.

Best Pens for Exams

The last thing anyone needs during an exam is problems with your pen. It’s the stuff of nightmares. You don’t need any leaks, any blotches and any discomfort. You need to be able to write for a considerable amount of time without cramping up and without excessive strain.

The smooth flow of rollerball pens makes them an obvious choice for exams. That extra ease of use and gliding motion over the page is what you need in this situation. If you need a trusty pen that’s not going to let you down, we have a couple of suggestions for you:

  • The Cross Edge Rollerball Pen – This pen will serve you well for your exams, and in fact, your life. Excellent build quality and high-quality materials guarantee a long lifespan for this pen. The rollerball mechanism and liquid ink will relieve some of the stress on your wrist. You won’t have to worry about this pen breaking in the middle of your tests and with the slide-open design you won’t have to worry about ink leakages when in your bag either.
  • The Parker Vector Rollerball Pen – If you want something a bit cheaper, this Parker rollerball pen is another safe bet. Parker are a well-known reliable pen brand. They’re sturdy, look professional and will see you through your exams.
  • The Sheaffer Ion Pocket Rollerball Pen – This rollerball pen is another study offering that will serve you well. The pen shaft is extendable, so you can choose the position that’s comfiest for you and it’s durable. It can also be attached to a keyring or lanyard so those nightmares of being in an exam with no pen will never materialise.

One other thing to consider when buying pens for exam use, is the ink colour. Most pens come with an ink cartridge, however it may be blue and a lot of exams require black ink. We do sell refills separately in a variety of other coloured inks so if your pen use is for study purposes it may be worth checking those out as well.

Best Pens under £50, £100, £150, £300 and £500

We’ve got a wide range of rollerball pens available to suit different budgets. We’re going to look at the best rollerball pens under £50, working our way up to £500.

Best rollerball pens under £50

Parker IM Rollerball Pen – You can’t go wrong with a Parker pen and this IM rollerball pen is the best of the bunch. It won’t break the bank and offers the consistency and reliability you need. They look fantastic and come in a variety of colour options.

Best rollerball pens under £100

Lamy Accent Rollerball Pen – This enigmatic number has won plaudits for its high quality. It’s seriously lightweight, so writing with it is a breeze and its interchangeable grip sections make it open to personalisation.

Best rollerball pens under £150

Waterman Perspective Rollerball Pen – Waterman are a brand that consistently crop up when discussing the finest pens on the market. This beautifully-crafted pen is seriously elegant with its modern, clean design. This pen has been inspired by the shapes and structures of contemporary architecture and the results speak for themselves.

Best rollerball pens under £300

Cross Peerless 125 Rollerball Pen – The Cross Peerless line is peerless by name and peerless by nature. It’s really hard to beat Cross’s exquisite design. To celebrate their 125th anniversary, they bought out this stunner finished in platinum with gold trim. It works beautifully, looks gorgeous and it’s a collector’s item. Unrivalled.

Best rollerball pens under £500

Parker Premier Rollerball Pen – Parker can really do it all. Their IM Rollerball is our best pen under £50 and this stunning 23-carat gold Premier pen takes our under £500 trophy. The intricate design makes this a thing of beauty. But this isn’t just a pretty face, this pen offers a writing experience like no other. It’s fantastically balanced and smooth, the cream of the crop.

Best Pens for Left-Handed People

You may have seen that rollerball pens are out of the question for left-handed people. We won’t lie, it is more difficult. Lefties are all too familiar with the struggles of writing. When you use a pencil, you feel like you’ve become part-robot when your hand turns silver. And with rollerball pens, because of the liquid-based ink, you’re doomed to smudge your script.

The best pen option is this Pilot Frixon slim rollerball pen. The ink is erasable should you make any mistakes and the pen has a slim body making it easier to hold. Alternatively you may prefer to use a ballpoint or fountain pen for more control.

Best Brands

There’s plenty of top pen brands creating fantastic rollerball numbers for the market. We’re going to run through 5 different brands. We’ll talk a bit about each make and highlight our favourite pen from each one:

  • Parker need no introduction. They’re the ubiquitous pen brand and they’ve got a fantastic range of rollerball pens on our website. We’ve already highlighted three Parker pens in this post, so we’re going to pick out our favourite from the ones that haven’t been mentioned already, and there’s plenty to choose from. It has to be this Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen. It’s simple and elegant, the matte black finish makes it a stylish accessory as well as a top-of the-range pen. It’s a difficult choice as there’s so much variety but the Sonnet edges it.
  • Next up is Waterman. A truly fantastic pen make. You can bank on their reliability and their products are simply exquisite. From their balance and ease of use to the exuberant materials they use to craft their pens. Our favourite Waterman rollerball pen from our range is this Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball Pen. It’s plated with palladium and the wave effect makes this a work of art.
  • Diplomat’s range of rollerball pens offer serene writing ease and come available in sophisticated styles and designs. They pay special attention to the craftsmanship of their pens and strive to hold their products to high standards. With excellent results. We couldn’t choose just one from this line. The Diplomat Excellence Rollerball Pen in evergreen with gold trim is a stunner. It’s designed to fit comfortably in your hand and the gold-plated details round off the whole pen nicely.
  • Sheaffer occupy the more affordable end of the rollerball pen market but that doesn’t mean that they’re lacking in quality. They’re robust, enigmatic pens with powerful designs. They’re known for their strength, durability and long life. They exhibit consistency throughout their designs and you can buy into this brand with faith that you’re getting a top-quality pen. The Shaeffer 100 Rollerball Pen is super affordable and a real statement piece. It’s brushed chrome finish is complemented with polished nickel trim. It’s eye-catching, it’s very reasonably priced and it’s built to last.
  • Cross’s range of rollerball pens is just brilliant. Their slide-open technology is fantastic and their craftsmanship is hard to match. Their Townsend line has become known as the ‘Pen of US Presidents’ which says all you need to know. They’ve also got a number of brilliant limited-edition pens on our website featuring Star Wars and Marvel themes. We’ve already highlighted a couple Cross pens and it’s very difficult to pick our favourite. But we have to highlight this Cross Century II Rollerball Pen because the precious gold finish is simply stunning.

Thus concludes this guide to our best rollerball pens. There are so many more that we haven’t mentioned. Shop from our range of hundreds of rollerball pens on our website. You’ll find some seriously sophisticated writing instruments fit for exams, travelling, writing and some that should really be in a museum.