Best Ballpoint Pen Buys

If you’re shopping for a new ballpoint pen we’ve put together a guide recommending some of the best pens available on the market. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for a loved one, want to treat yourself, or are looking for another addition to your collection, you’ll find lots of tips from us.

First, we’ll look at the best ballpoint pen in different price ranges, followed by the best brands of ballpoint pen. All of the ballpoint pens you will see are available to shop on our website, the best place to get your hands on the highest quality pens.

Best Ballpoint Pens by Price Range

To kick things off, we’re going to look at the best ballpoint pens under £50 and work our way up in increments to the best ballpoint pen under £500. Whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered.

Best Ballpoint Pens Under £50

Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen – This seriously stylish ballpoint pen takes our under £50 crown. Cross are a manufacturer who know a thing or two about their trade. They consistently put out good pens and this one is no exception to the rule. The mirror-like chrome finish is what seals this one, plus its lifetime warranty. You won’t ever have to buy another ballpoint pen, if you don’t want anyway.

Best Ballpoint Pens Under £100

Faber-Castell Ambition Ballpoint Pen – This quirky number takes the trophy in this very hotly-contested category. The unusual pattern of the coconut wood it’s encased in is what edged it for us. Faber-Castell build all of their pens to a really high standard and this one will serve you well for a long, long time. If the wood doesn’t suit your tastes, it is also available in other materials and finishes.

Best Ballpoint Pens Under £200

Caran d’Ache Ecridor Ballpoint Pen –This pen is a real statement piece. Ballpoint pens very rarely come more glitzy and glamorous than this. With a gold plated finish and gold trim, this is a VIP pen. It has the hexagonal shape that Caran d’Ache’s Ecridor pens have come to be known for. This one also comes with a lifetime warranty which is handy because this is definitely a pen you’ll want to use for the rest of yours.

Best Ballpoint Pens Under £300

Waterman Exception Ballpoint Pen Slim – If you wanted a ballpoint pen that’s synonymous with luxury, that would have to be this Waterman pen. The contrasting black lacquer finish combined with the 23 carat gold plated trim makes this pen seriously sophisticated.

Best Ballpoint Pens Under £500

Visconti Divina Ballpoint Pen – This collector’s item isn’t just a pen, it’s a work of art. Visconti are masters of their craft and all their pens have quality performance. This pen is made from the most exuberant materials with its black lucite body and sterling silver trim. The ‘Divina’ line is inspired by the Fibonacci series and this example is the kind of pen you’d rather put in a display case than actually use.

Best Brands

Who are the best ballpoint pen manufacturers? We’ve decided to narrow it down to our three favourites and we’ll also highlight one or two pens from each brand, excluding the ones that have already been highlighted.

  • Parker are always a safe, reliable choice for any kind of pen. They make pens for all budgets and for all purposes. They’ve been in the business since 1888 so they’ve learnt a thing or two about how to make a great pen. Their pens are the weapon of choice for so many writers, whether they’re just starting school or have lived a full life. With such a wide choice of ballpoint pens from this brand, we couldn’t choose just one. If you’re looking for a good quality ballpoint pen but don’t want to spend that much, look no further than the Parker Jotter Premium Ballpoint Pen. This pen comes highly recommended by all its users and that golden stainless steel finish makes this pen a winner. If you want something a bit more upmarket, the Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen is for you. The precise details of this pen make it a beauty and the Sonnet is known for its comfort and smooth writing.
  • Caran d’Ache are a Swiss pen maker that specialise in making high-quality pens. The Swiss are known to excel in creating luxury versions of everyday items. Just look at Rolex for example. They’re known for their sheer reliability and top quality and one of the pens from their famed Ecridor range won our best ballpoint pen under £200 trophy. So, for that reason, we’re going to look to their cheaper pens. We have to highlight this Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen in red. If you want a top-quality pen made by one of the world’s best for a very reasonable price, this is where to go. This line of pens comes in a range of fluorescent colours, so you can pick your favourite!
  • Cross have over 170 years’ experience in creating fine writing instruments and their ballpoint pens are simply divine. They make both modern and classic pens, using exuberant materials along the way, picking up international recognition for good measure. They have some fantastic limited edition pens on our website as well as other marvellous models. There is one Cross pen, in particular, in our collection that we had to highlight from their most famous line. It’s a Year of the Dog special edition of the Cross Townsend Ballpoint Pen. The Townsend line has been dubbed ‘The Pen of US Presidents’, need we say more? This special edition looks fantastic and will increase in value over time.

Best Ballpoint Pen Designs

There are so many gorgeous ballpoint pens available, it’s difficult to pick a single best design. We went with two different winners for this one, one that won’t break the bank and one for those with a bit of extra pocket money to spend.

First up is this Sheaffer Sagaris Ballpoint Pen. It comes in with a RRP of £60 and it’s regal, golden look is made even better by its fine detailing. It’s rare that you come across a ballpoint pen that is so simple yet looks really classy and is built to last. Sheaffer make long-lasting pens and they’re so confident that you’ll get a lifetime of usage out of this pen that it even comes with a lifetime warranty.

As for the other, it already won our best pen under £500 category, it has to be the Visconti Divina Ballpoint Pen. To build a pen that is based around the Fibonacci series takes expert craftsmanship and wholeheartedly deserves to be a winner in our best design category.

Best Everyday Ballpoint Pen

So, what about the pen that you can rely on every day? The out and out workhorse that will never let you down? Well there can only be one winner. It has to be the Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen. By ballpoint pen standards, it offers one of the smoothest writing experiences and you can use it for extended periods of time with ease. They are reasonably priced, and you’ll never get bored of that simple, classic design. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can use it every day, for the rest of your life.

Best For Business


hat do you want from your work pen? You want it to be comfortable, you want it to be reliable and you want it to be durable. That’s exactly what you get with the Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint Pen in light blue. Blue is a soothing colour and this pen is finished in a light blue lacquer and writes in blue ink. Its design is fantastic, and it will fit in your pocket with ease. It’s chunky but this makes it more comfortable to write with.


Ballpoint pens don’t get enough credit as a writing instrument and their convenience and lifespan can’t be matched by any other pen. If you’re a leftie, a good ballpoint pen will serve you well and remedy your smudging woes. The oil-based ink is designed to dry as quickly as possible, so you can wave goodbye to ruining your writing.

We’ve highlighted a series of pens in different price ranges and from our favourite manufacturers that are all available to purchase from our website. If none of those are doing it for you, don’t worry, we have well over 300 ballpoint pens to browse from right here.