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Cross Tech3+

Bringing Cross’s classic craftsmanship firmly into the 21st century, the Tech 3+ is a beautiful multipen with three different functions in one. D1-sized ballpoints in black and red, a 0.5mm pencil and eraser and a touch-screen stylus all in one – what more could anyone need to unleash their creativity?

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Cross Tech3+ Multipen - Frosty Steel Chrome Trim

A futuristic multipen with three writing features and a built in touch-screen stylus, crafted with a frosty steel lacquer finish with finely engraved pattern and polished chrome trim details.

RRP $109.60 Save 21%

Cross Tech3+ Multipen - Metallic Blue Chrome Trim

A modern day writing instrument with multi-functional uses, including a black ballpoint, red ballpoint, HB pencil and an integrated touch-screen stylus. Crafted with a metallic blue lacquer finish and polished chrome trims.

This pen can be engraved
RRP $102.75 Save 25%
Items 1 to 4 of 4
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