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Kaweco Pens

There’s a retro look to Kaweco’s stylish pens, but the company’s outlook is distinctly modern. With sustainability, longevity and ease of use at its heart, Kaweco calls on its German DNA to engineer writing instruments that feel bold, well-balanced and supremely comfortable to use.

Born over 100 years ago in Heidelberg, Germany, Kaweco began by producing simple wooden dip pens and fountain pens, with gold nibs imported from New York. Patenting its first safety fountain pen in 1908, it quickly opened branches in Berlin, Paris, Vienna and Zurich, marketing its pocket fountain pen, the Kaweco Sport, for ‘ladies, officers and sportsmen’. With a production hiatus during WWII, the brand came back stronger in the 1960s and 1970s, with a re-issued version of the Sport being licenced for the Munich Olympics in 1972.

With cool, classic design and high-quality craftsmanship still characterising their flagship designs, Kaweco pens are a joy to use. The Sport’s signature hexagonal shape is beautifully balanced, and available across a range of high-end to everyday pens that can be engraved, so there’s something for everyone. The Liliput is a petite pocket pen, while the DIA 2 has a stylish, vintage feel. All Kaweco writing instruments are made to be refillable – no single-use stuff here – and use beautiful materials like adonised aluminium, inlaid carbon fibre and matte acrylic resin in stylish colours. You’ll find fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, mechanical pencils, refills and ink bottles – there’s a whole Kaweco writing ecosystem to discover.

Free Ink, Refills or Leads with all Kaweco Pens or Pencils

Everyone likes a little something extra, and what better way to set you up with your new Kaweco pen or mechanical pencil than free ink, refills or leads. Add any Kaweco pen or mechanical pencil to your basket this Christmas and you will get the following freebies added in for free:

  • Kaweco fountain pens: 4 packs of Kaweco different coloured ink cartridges (24 cartridges in total)
  • Kaweco rollerball pens: 2 Kaweco rollerball pen refills
  • Kaweco ballpoint pens: 3 Kaweco ballpoint pen refills
  • Kaweco mechanical pencils: 1 pack of Kaweco leads
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Kaweco Steel Sport Pencil - Steel

A bold and characterful mechanical pencil manufactured from stainless steel in its raw state, which has been delicately detailed with a brushed metal finish.


Kaweco AL Sport Rollerball Pen - Raw

A premium-quality rollerball pen with a natural metallic finish, produced from refined aluminium with a polished finish. A superb writing accessory for keen writers.


Kaweco AL Sport Pencil - Raw

An ingenious mechanical pencil with an unlacquered, polished barrel, crafted from anodised aluminium with a hexagonal silhouette.


Kaweco Skyline Sport Pencil - Mint

A stylish click-action mechanical pencil ideal for creative projects, crafted from top-quality mint green resin, complete with polished chrome plated attributes.


Kaweco Skyline Sport Pencil - Pink

An extraordinary click-action mechanical pencil with a short octagonal barrel, built from hard-wearing pink plastic resin, detailed with shiny chrome plated features.

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Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen - Black

A world-class fountain pen rendered from anodised aluminium with a satin-like black finish, featuring a hexagonal shaped cap and chrome coated stainless steel nib.


Kaweco AC Sport Fountain Pen - Green

A stunning fountain pen with bold aesthetics, featuring an aluminium body, coated with a refreshing green lacquer and carbon fibre accompaniments.

Items 51 to 75 of 95
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